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Entertainment – India;Sun TV’s aggressive campaign under fire

Producers of small films are upset at the heavy promotion of ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhaen’ on Sun network

Over the top promotion of the film, ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhaen’, on Sun TV and its associate channels has affected the fortunes of many films, it seems. Producers of many small films, led by J.K. Ritesh (of ‘Nayagan’ fame), have filed complaints with the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) and urged to take steps to make Sun TV group restrain their advertisement campaign for ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhaen’ .

Sun TV’s administrative manager Saxena, though he was not invited, took part in the Council meeting convened to discuss the complaint. Saxena likened their promo campaign to ‘a person’s wish to adorn his wife with as many jewels as he can’ and said that nobody had any right to admonish Sun TV on this.

Those who took part in the Council’s deliberations were equally divided on the issue. The matter would again come up for discussion at the governing board meeting of the Council very soon.


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