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Business – 8 Indian-origin CEOs at big U.S companies: Forbes

New York: People with Indian roots are fast climbing up the American corporate ladder, and today there are as many as eight such CEOs including the likes of Indra Nooyi and Vikram Pandit, who run big U.S. corporations, according to a Forbes list titled, ‘Eight Indian CEOs At Big U.S Companies.’

PepsiCo’s Madras-born Indra Nooyi tops the list.

“The chief executive of PepsiCo would be prominent no matter what. The fact that the current one — Indra Nooyi — is an Indian immigrant makes her all the more noteworthy,” Forbes said.

The Nagpur-born Vikram Pandit, the embattled CEO of the ailing Wall Street giant Citigroup, is the other prominent native Indian in the corner office.

“It’s not a surprise that we’re seeing Indians rise in corporate ranks,” the U.S. magazine quoted Richard Herman, the co-author of a book on migrants to the U.S. — ‘Immigrant Inc.’ The others in the prestigious league include Adobe Systems’ Shantanu Narayen, Cognizant’s Francisco D’Souza , storage devices firm LSI’s Abhijit Talwalkar, biopharma Sigma Aldrich’s Jai P. Nagarkatti , audio and infotainment equipment firm Harman International’s Dinesh C. Paliwal and Quest Diagnostics’ Surya Mohapatra .

‘Way above others’

Elaborating on the rising number of Indians at the top, Mr. Herman said: “Of all the immigrant groups coming in today, Indians are head-and-shoulders above others, and this is partly because of their English language skills and also the advanced education that many of them are bringing to the U.S.”

According to Forbes, technology is a field particularly receptive to the foreign-born. Francisco D’Souza, whose grandparents hailed from Goa, heads the IT services provider Cognizant. Shantanu Narayen is the other techie who is at the helm at Adobe Systems. — PTI


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