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Entertainment – India;Colors to replace Bigg Boss with romantic fictions

MUMBAI: Colors is adding two romantic fiction shows in its offering starting 28 December. The channel will replace Bigg Boss with Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam and Laagi Tujhse Lagan.

Post Bigg Boss season 3, which is coming to an end on 26 December, the Viacom 18 channel will air Yeh Pyaar… at 9 pm and Laagi Tujhse… at 9.30 pm respectively (both Monday-Friday).

Says Colors programming head Ashwini Yardi, “A big reason for selecting these shows for 9-10 pm band was that Bigg Boss has brought us new and younger audiences at this slot. With these shows, we are hoping to keep the interest of new as well as our stable audiences intact.”

“These shows have been chosen by the channel for their unique story-lines and the ability to entertain while carrying an important message to the audience,” Yardi added.

Produced by Creative Eye, Yeh Pyaar…is a love story set against the backdrop of caste politics and class discrimination still prevalent in our country. The story is set in Lucknow, where inter-caste relationships and marriages are still frowned upon.

Says Crative Eye promoter Dheeraj Kumar, “The story of this show resonates with anyone who has ever fallen in love with a person not from his or her own caste. As a society, although we have entered a modern era and are matching our step with the western world, our thinking still belongs to the dark ages where such relationships were considered taboo.

“Our show is an attempt to bring to fore the story of many such star crossed lovers who have had to endure immense hatred and rejection from their families and the society at large.”

Meanwhile, Laagi Tujhse… is the story of a housemaid Nakusha, who has to live her life behind a veil of ugliness in order to protect her virtue. It is set in a fictional Mumbai slum and highlights the plight of the have nots who dot the city’s filthy pavements. The show is produced by Paresh Rawal’s Playtime Creations.

Rawal says, “It (Laagi Tujhse…) highlights the plight of those in our society who have been marginalised due to financial inferiority. We are sure that the audiences will enjoy the show and will also be able to feel the pain and turmoil that the protagonist goes through.”


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