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Mktg – Coke Zero Immerses Itself in ‘Avatar’

Coca-Cola Zero has teamed with Twentieth Century Fox on a major worldwide promotional campaign for Titanic director James Cameron’s upcoming epic, Avatar.

Slated to launch in over 30 countries, the partnership will give consumers access to exclusive and authentic content from the film in several innovative ways. The movie is set to premiere in theaters around the globe Dec. 18.

“Avatar shares the same aspirational, edgy and unconventional brand values as Coca-Cola Zero,” noted Chip York, worldwide entertainment marketing director at the Atlanta-based beverage giant. “Working so closely with the studio and filmmakers has allowed us to create authentic and exclusive content that provides fans unique access into the world, deepening their ‘Avatar’ experience.”

To provide consumers with inside details on the movie, the Coke Zero digital team worked with the studio and filmmakers to develop, which will feature regular “live” journalist reports from the fictional moon of Pandora, offering a sneak peek into the spectacular world of Avatar. Additionally, site visitors will be able to access exclusive film-related imagery, wallpapers, games and applications, along with regularly updated, real-time Avatar news.

“Avatar will provide a unique immersive experience for moviegoers, and this promotion with Coca-Cola Zero will bring fans even deeper into the amazing world of Pandora and James Cameron’s vision,” said Jon Landau, who co-produced the film with Cameron.

Further, through augmented reality (AR) technology — a Web-based application enabling users to interact with 3D motion graphics — Coke Zero drinkers can engage with the movie on a uniquely visceral level.

By holding a promotional pack of Avatar-branded Coke Zero cans before a Webcam, visiting or taking a picture of the activating AVTR mark or Coke Zero logo with certain camera phones, consumers will be able to access the technology, which will allow them to use a computer keyboard to trigger actions such as shooting missiles or flying helicopters and firing their guns. will direct visitors to activate one of the above-mentioned symbols with their Webcams to start the experience.

In another exclusive, Coke Zero and Fox have created a TV commercial and cinema spot, both featuring film footage and promoting the partnership. The ad shows a young man at his computer; he drinks from a can of Coke Zero out of a special Avatar-branded pack, and then is transported to Pandora via AR technology.

Other elements of the comprehensive campaign include exclusive, limited-edition Real D 3D glasses and movie theater concession programs and promotions featuring branded cups and popcorn bags with the AVTR mark that can be used to activate the AR experience.

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