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Lifestyle – Now, inflatable bra that gives ‘boob job-effect’

The item, which has gone on sale at Debenhams, has pump-up air pads that can boost the cup size. A pump button can easily push air into the pad on squeezing making it inflate.

The size can be decreased by simply pressing the silver button on the back while squeezing the air out. Debenhams sold 50 pairs online and 180 in stores within the first hour of trading.

“If they continue flying off the shelves at this rate, which we expect them to do so, we should be in the thousands by the end of the day,” the Telegraph quoted Debenhams spokesperson as saying.

Annette Warburton, head of lingerie buying at Debenhams, said: “When getting ready at work for the office Christmas party, a cleavage boost is the perfect pick-me-up to take you from day to evening glamourpuss.

“We predict women all over the UK will be storing these in their desk drawers ready for the mistletoe moment with the office hunk. “Plus they’re easily and quickly deflated when Nigel from Accounts approaches after a few glasses of mulled wine.”

She added: “The pump-up air pads eschew the need for cosmetic surgery and can easily be worn with whatever bra goes best with the Christmas outfit. “Costing just 5 pounds a pair, tests showed that when fully inflated, the pump-up air pads gave women a boost of a whole cup size.

“Moving on from traditional silicone and oil inserts, the lightweight and adjustable nature of the air version lends itself to every occasion, whether it’s a va-va-voom effect needed or a just natural enhancement.”

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