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Business – Google revamps Orkut; no changes in advertising options

Google has revamped Orkut, its social networking platform. The site will now have a new user interface and offers some new features as well.

Although, with more than 14 million unique users per month, is the largest social networking website of India, the revamped content and feature strategy of Orkut bears some resemblance to, which receives more than 8 million unique users every month.

Similar to, the redesigned homepage of every Orkut member will have a prominent status message window of “What are you up to?” and display an extensive update summary of their friends’ activities. The site has also introduced a text-based chat facility inside the Orkut window.

Some new features that will be unique to Orkut include live video-chat, video scraps and video testimonials facility.

Surprisingly, the revamped site will not be made available to all Orkut members initially. Only select users, who will get the invitation, will be allowed to use the revamped version of the site.

It is important to note that the revamp is only limited to redesign, addition of new features and technology enhancement of Orkut. It has not introduced any new advertising options on the revamped, Parminder Singh, business head, Google India clarifies to afaqs!.

Singh adds that the revamped Orkut will continue to have the same advertising options, which includes banner ads, branded communities and applications. He agrees that the revamped site will provide high user engagement and will thus benefit advertisers by enabling them to carry out more engaging campaigns. It is estimated that the average time spent per visit on is about 12 minutes, while it is about 15 minutes on

Among the top performing advertising categories on Orkut, Singh says, “Telecom, automobile, financial services and education categories are doing well on”

Brands such as Nokia, Vodafone and Aviva use Orkut to reach out to their target audience.


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