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Lifestyle – Weight-loss noodles to hit shelves next year

Here’s some good news for figure conscious people, weight-loss noodles will soon hit the shelves.

Researchers from the University Sains Malaysia (USM) have innovated a dry yellow noodle that allows consumers to sustain a feeling of fullness for longer and lose weight.

“The noodle was the first such product in Malaysia to be tested clinically for its Glycaemic Index prior to commercialisation,” Chief researcher Assoc Prof Azhar Mat Easa said.

The noodles releases sugar slower than regular ones and is more suitable for those who are sensitive to the sugar content in food and those with a weight problem.

“The product was specially formulated and prepared to encourage the formation of cross-linked proteins that can trap starch, and is fortified with additional starch that blocks digestion,” he said.

He said the product’s ability to block digestion allowed the noodles to remain in the digestive system and keep dieters feeling full for longer.

“If the noodles are consumed in the morning, a person will feel full until night, and consumers can now enjoy yellow noodles without worrying about excessive increase in their sugar blood levels.”

The product is expected to hit the markets in February, he said, adding the taste is similar to that of regular noodles and can be cooked in any way.


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