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Entertainment – Q&A;Farhan Akhtar

Priya Rajendran

His film Luck By Chance which is also his sister Zoya’s directorial debut, was screened today at the 11th Osian’s Cinefan Festival. Farhan Akhtar looked like he was ready to talk. Yet one would think he is a reserved guy who only talks through his movies, but here, he surprised people by having a decent discussion and chat about his latest ventures, music, Rock On!! and his sister Zoya.

Having donned so many hats, he would come across to people as a totally confused guy – sometimes dabbling with music, his singing, music composer, director and actor. A multi-talented persona, belonging to a rich, cultural family, son of Javed Akhtar, should ideally have a lot of airs about his labels. Yet he unassumingly talks about his adventures, dreams and movies in a candid tete’ a tete’ with Priya Rajendran.

A few excerpts:

So, this is your first time at the Osian’s film fest?
Yeah, this is my first time at the Osian’s and am very glad that my film Luck By Chance has received a warm response across the globe too. Osian’s is a good platform for a lot of budding filmmakers to showcase their films to the audience.

Apart from acting, singing, and directing, have you walked the ramp before?
Yeah, I have walked the ramp twice now – one for Rohit Bal and another for a show to raise money for charity.

So, how was the whole ramp experience?
(Smiles) Well, it certainly was not very enjoyable, as it’s not easy walking the ramp. It can be quite uncomfortable. So because it helped raise money, I did not complain.

So do we expect Farhan to come back with Oye! Its Friday season 2?
Hmm, I would definitely love to and even the channel producers want me to. Let us wait and watch. But I cannot say anything as I am not the producer of the show (laughs). But jokes apart, the show got a huge audience response and lots of mails appreciating the show.

You recently performed in the Generation A-Star rock concert. Any more rock concerts?
Yes, a celebrity fundraiser concert in collaboration with Raghu Dixit Project, Parikrama and other bands. Apart from that I am doing a concert on Oct 30 in Bangalore and on Nov 7 in Mumbai.

Any plans to make short films?
Yeah, when I am done with making and finishing long feature films!.

You are making Don 2 and Rock On 2
The sequel to Don is being made with almost the same star cast except that there will be new characters introduced this time. SRK, Priyanka, Arjun and Boman Irani will be there. And as far as Rock On 2 is concerned, Abhishek Kapoor knows better.

There have been many movies made on bomb blasts, Taliban, terrorism, floods, earthquakes, hijacks. Has any movie touched you in particular?
For me, I have loved Lage Raho Munnabhai. It touched me more than Rang De Basanti as I also feel that violence is not the answer to everything. I am a very peaceful man by nature and follow it in my life too.

Do you love adventure sports and which one sport do you love indulging in?
I love sky diving the most and the last I did it was nearly two years ago.

The luckiest thing that happened by chance in your life
My daughters are the luckiest things for me but they did not happen by chance! (Laughs)

Upcoming movies that we can look forward to
Karthik calling Karthik is one movie I am awaiting till next year. It will be a suspense thriller with a dash of romance in it. Another one is Don 2 and another untitled venture with Reema Kagti. So loads on my platter for now.

What do you think about the ‘Newstream’ category in the Osian’s film festival?
Films under this relatively new section will probably become mainstream cinema next year. As new filmmakers come in every year, genres in films also keep changing with time. Though its an encouraging trend for budding filmmakers.

Three things you love about Zoya
She is extremely, brutally honest. Very respectful of being on time, also a very good writer.

Three things that drive you nuts about her
There is only one thing that drives me crazy about her: She can work in chaos and mess when I want everything to be organised and in place when I work. Apart from that she is my best critic.

Finally, 10 years down the line, how would you want to be remembered?
I want to be identified as someone who loves doing what he is doing and that’s how everyone else should be too!


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