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Lifestyle – India;Gmail most popular among Indians: ViziSense

MUMBAI: Gone are the days of sending letters through the postal service which used to take days to reach the recepient.

With the advent of internet, there has been a surge of web-users who make use of the mailing service provided by Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Rediffmail and MSN Mail for an instant receipt and a faster follow up.

Among the service providers, Gmail, in September, witnessed an increase of almost three per cent in traffic compared to that of August and proved to be the most popular e-mail service among Indians with 18.2 million people having accessed its mailing service, reveals monthly web rankings in e-mail category ViziSense.

Yahoo’s newly-launched home page couldn’t make a difference even as Yahoo Mail saw a fall by eight per cent. It stands second to Gmail.

Yahoo Mail manages to bring in 16.8 million users as compared to 18.2 million users a month ago.

Yahoo was the top runner for the period between June to August with 18.30, 17.7 and 18.2 million users respectively.

Following it were Rediff Mail and MSN Mail with 6.25 and 4.11 million users respectively.

MSN Mail experienced an increase of nearly six per cent in traffic since August.


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