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Entertainment – Suppandi to debut on silver screen

MUMBAI: Suppandi, the village simpleton from Tinkle comics, will soon be seen on the silver screen. Publishers of the 28-year old comic series, ACK
Media, are producing a stereoscopic 3D animation film with Suppandi as the protagonist.

The film, which is expected to cost about Rs 10 crore, will be completed in November 2010. Preliminary work such as scripting and character sketches has already started. Since Tinkle’s core readers are Indians, the film will primarily find an audience only in the domestic market and the expat Indian community.

Samir Patil, chief executive officer, ACK Media said, “This is going to be an Indian film completely and the market is large enough to recover our investments in the project. The film will release in approximately 100 3D screens and we will also release the non-3D version.” ACK Media is looking to tie-up with studios to distribute the film.

To reduce the cost of production, ACK Media has developed a model in which all steps of film-making run parallel to each other. “Instead of following the usual steps of pre-production, production and post-production, we’re working in a manner where all the steps are integrated. For instance, if all the teams work together from the beginning then the script team will not write a scene that the production team cannot execute. This saves both time and money,” says Biju D, head, Fable Farm — the division of ACK Media which will execute the project.

The new model has helped trim costs considerably and the cost of production is only one-tenth of what it would have been otherwise.

“We have been working on the economics of production for more than a year. While the technology can deliver world-class experience, it can do this at cost structures in line with economics of the Indian film industry. All the production will be done in-house but we may outsource some processes such as the rendering,” says Mr Patil.

Going forward, ACK media is looking to convert some of its other properties into animation films and also produce a live action film.


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