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Business – Q&A NR Narayana Murthy, Chief Mentor, Infosys

Murthy chucked his job, borrowed Rs 10k from his wife and started Infy in 1982 with six others. His first job was as chief systems programmer at
IIM-Ahmedabad, where he later returned as chairman of the governing board.

Can you create another Infosys today?

There is continued opportunity for innovation here, and so it will in 2050. But yes, raising funds is much easier these days.

So, who can be an entrepreneur?

One who has an idea whose value to the market can be conveyed in a single sentence like: ‘My idea will reduce costs by this much, or it will raise customer comfort by this much’.

Sacrifices you can recollect…

Many…I took a small salary at that time. We had no cars and travelled second class on trains. My wife gave up her job and our daughter had to stay back in Mumbai for some time.

High point in this long journey?

Several—enrolling our first customer, getting listed on the NSE, moving to our own campus, listing on the Nasdaq.

Any regrets?

None at all and there is a reason for this. We made sure that we did everything taking inputs from all stakeholders.

Murthy’s advice to startups

Have a good idea which is marketable

Create a team with multiple and complementary skills

Make sure your target market is ready for the idea

Instill a good value system in your team

Make a good pitch to raise funds from VCs and PEs


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