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Entertainment – No busts, only size zero!

Meena Iyer

And suddenly it seems like the top brass of Bollywood women do have large hearts because a majority of them have small everything. The 36-24-36 phenomenon has give way for the 31-23-31 measurements.

Kareena Kapoor-the reigning diva is a near size zero, Deepika Padukone has just knocked off five kilos, 22-year-old Sonam Kapoor is six feet tall and pencil thin, Priyanka Chopra claims she can eat a horse, but it doesn’t show. Katrina Kaif is striving to lose her curves, Lara Dutta is showing fab-abs in a peach-coloured bikini in Blue (but has lost her advantageous cleavage) and Kangna Ranaut is fashionably lean. A dress designer points out that unlike Rekha, Zeenat Aman and even Sridevi (whose initial claim to fame were her thunder thighs), the buxom beauty has gone missing from the film-scene as of today.
A dress man says that he was asked to sew costumes with buttock padding/breast padding for one of the top Bollywood actresses, because in the South, they still like them curvaceous. However, Mumbai plays by a different rule.

Dress designer Shahid Aamir says, “Today’s girls are a dream to dress. They’ve got bodies of international fashion standards and lend themselves naturally to the latest designs. What is more, none of them put on weight through the making of a film? So a designer doesn’t have to rush back and forth with alterations.” Shahid remembers that during Gupt, Shobhaa De had remarked that both he and his contemporary Manish Malhotra had not dressed Manisha Koirala and Kajol appropriately. Says Shahid, “She felt that the clothes we put on these girls would ideally have suited women whose stomachs you can roll a rolling pin on. In other words — both Manisha and Kajol were plump. Now, whether it is Kareena, Priyanka or Kangna, these girls have dream bodies.”

Kareena says, “My size zero is what got the attention of an international clothes manufacturer. I will be launching a clothes line soon. I know that youngsters think of me as a fashion icon because of my current size. And, though I’m occasionally tempted to put on a couple of kilos, I personally feel that for the kind of high-fashion wardrobe I wore in Kambakkht Ishq, my current shape is right.” They may not admit it openly, but Kareena’s size is something most film actresses aspire for. The current lot is obsessed with being thin and they go to great lengths to stay that way.
Sushmita Sen is one of the last big names who has ample measurements. Even Rakhi Sawant who had silicone implants put in, took out the artificial aids because she feared that silicone is harmful.

A heroine of the ’80s on looking at the photographs of today’s actresses says, “They are lucky to be the way they are. When I auditioned for a part with a hit filmmaker, the first remark he made was, ‘Your breasts are too small. Please get yourself some cleavage before the next audition’.”
Guess that is the one thing, girls aspiring to be Bollywood heroines may never have to hear. They can be comfortable in the knowledge that Victoria Beckham has the body of a seven-year-old child. And she’s the new international fashion icon.


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